Monthly global dinners where we explore sensitive and complex topics in a warm, brave and judgement-free space.


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Jun 2023


What is love? How do we feel it in our bodies? What does it mean to feel and express love? Why do we resist showing our love so often? And, what does it mean to love ourselves, especially the parts of us that we don't like?

Jul 2023


Many of us build resentment inside when we accept persistent wrongdoing or unfair treatment from another person, system, or institution. Some of us stay quiet and put on a brave face even though we feel hurt. Some of us fight back, yet we don't get the results we want, so resentment bubbles inside.

Aug 2023


We crave control. That feeling that we direct our lives, our thoughts, actions and those of the people around us. We want to know that we are behind the wheel, determining what happens, how it happens, and how it will make us feel.


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Every month, we gather in cities across the world to discuss a new topic

What can I expect when I attend a dinner*?

* Between Us was originally known as Dinner Confidential.

Strict Confidentiality

Dinner conversations are confidential. Everyone has time to speak in a non-judgemental format.

Warm & Intimate Environment

Each Dinner is focused on one specific topic and lasts about 2.5 hours. We keep the groups small (6-10) to ensure we have time to dive deep into the conversation and everyone has time to share.

Healthy & Delicious Food

We provide healthy and delicious food. You BYOB (wine, flavored water, etc.)

Virtual and In-person

Most dinners are held at hosts’ homes. Some gatherings are virtual. Please check your city page.

Not for profit

Our dinners are donation-based or charged at a small fee to cover the costs. Everyone is welcome regardless of your financial resources.

Trained facilitators & Hosts

Each city's host has been trained to facilitate sensitive conversation in a warm and judgement-free space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our dinners started just for women (including non-binary folks and transwomen, of course). Nowadays, some of our dinners are for women only and some are open to all bodies. If you are a man and would like to host dinners, reach out! Everyone is welcome here. Please check out your city host page for more information.

Sometimes. But usually they don’t and that’s part of the magic. Coming into a place full of strangers to open up and share some of your most personal experiences is very powerful. No one there knows your history, you are a blank canvas. People won’t judge you or give you advice (unless you specifically ask for it). We are there to listen, share and connect.

Absolutely! Actually, we have found that the richest conversations happen when we have a wide variety of ages and backgrounds. Some of our dinners have 18-year-olds and 80-year-olds at the same table.

We include a vow of confidentiality in our invitation, and reiterate the importance of confidentiality at the start of each dinner. We create a strong container of trust and integrity, and expect the same of all of our participants.

Dinners are not for profit. We charge a small fee to cover the food and preparation. Some of our dinners are donation based. If you can’t afford our dinners due to price, please reach out. We will accommodate you. 

For in person dinners, the price includes a healthy and yummy meal. We invite everyone to bring something to drink to share with others.

 We put a lot of love and effort into these dinners so please do your best to avoid a last minute cancellation. If you need to cancel, try to find a replacement. Please check with your local host to learn about their specific cancellation policies.


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We are building a movement to make Open and Active Listening a standard practice in our communication. Want to be part of our community?

Our global hosts are facilitators, somatic practitioners, yoga teachers, researchers, psychologists, teachers, entrepreneurs, and community builders, united by our desire to reimagine what collaboration can look like when not following the traditional hierarchical structures.  

We would love to have you here.

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