Me, My Triggers & The World Around Me

An intense training designed to transform how you relate when you are triggered. Learn and practice holistic communication tools alongside an intimate community.

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Stop reacting. Start relating.

Some of us are afraid that if we share our true feelings and ideas they won’t be received the way we intend, so we stay silent. 

Some of us share openly what we think and feel, but lack tact and can unintentionally end up hurting others.

Some of us worry that by listening to those we disagree with, we validate their thinking, so we “cancel” them.

Learn how to transform your triggers into opportunities for deeper connection and growth


In a world divided by speakers and listeners, learn to do both

Deepen your self-awareness

Exercises to unpack our communication stumbling blocks, key triggers, and defense strategies.

Groundbreaking relational skills

Inspired by Gabor Maté's Compassionate Inquiry, Internal Family Systems, Neuro-Linguistics Programing, Polyvagal Theory and more.

Strengthen your emotional resilience

Practice tools that can help you stay present and in your body when you are triggered.

End comparison loops

Shift the paradigm from knowing your value compared to others to viewing yourself and others as equal in our worth.

Lean into differences

Learn how to bring curiosity to different views, complex emotions, and “hard to be with” people and conversations.

Grounded self-compassion

Throughout our journey, we'll explore and befriend all our "parts" (e.g., the perfectionist, the wounded child, etc.). We'll listen to them with compassion so we can experience more internal harmony.

Program Details

What’s inside this program

One part training, one part practice community.

Two community sessions per month

One focused on “teaching” and sharing communication approaches. One focused on community sharing, Q&As, live demos, and community support.

An intimate community

This program is only open to 6-8 people so we can get to know each other more intimately and go really deep in our work. We'll be supporting one another as we show up with more openness and courage into the world.

Academia and Spirituality

You'll learn key communication skills from different established modalities. We'll also explore our connection to our instinct, core essence, ancestors and lineages - to experience all the realms that impact how we relate.

Who is it for

Does this sound like you?

You’ve already engaged in deeper personal work and want to expand your self-awareness and explore the roots of your communication patterns (especially the more “sticky” or challenging ones).

You want to develop the inner landscape that invites and cultivates deeper intimacy in your life and all your relationships – and you are willing to practice!

You want to learn a body-based approach for exploring your “triggers” (instead of just intellectually understanding what they are and what you “should” do about them).

You want to go beyond “conversational strategies” into a deeper presence that brings depth and connection to your conversations.

You want to feel more open to different perspectives and practice ways to remain calm and articulate when things get uncomfortable, especially in relationships where that feels particularly hard.

You want to bring more magic and aliveness to relationships that matter to you but feel stuck in a rut.

You are ready to be vulnerable in a small and intimate community; being raw and messy will be part of our journey.


Verónica Márquez

(She/Her) I lead communication courses and teach people how to better relate to differences and disagreements. I hold over a decade of experience as a qualitative researcher and I’m also trained in executive coaching, neuro-linguistics programming, Gabor Maté’s Compassionate Inquiry, Reiki, and meditation. 

I’m originally Venezuelan (3/4 European and 1/4 indigenous roots) and now live in Miami with my 2 kids and English husband.  


Me, My Triggers & The World Around Me

The price of this program is $550 a month or $2200 if paid in full. Those paying in full will receive an extra 45 min coaching session. If you are committed to doing this program but can’t afford this price please reach out to We have scholarships available.


or $550 per month
2 group calls. ~ 2hrs each. One focused on “teaching” and sharing communication approaches. One focused on community sharing, Q&As, live demos, and community support.
4 private coaching sessions with your guide (one per month)
Free Access to 7-Steps for Open Conversations videos and worksheets - where you’ll learn our 7-step process for having hard conversations with more confidence and compassion
Access to Private WhatsApp group to stay connected throughout.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's unique about this program is that it combines three core elements: teaching, practicing, and community. Throughout our journey, you'll learn an overview of fundamental communication principles and approaches based on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing), Compassionate Inquiry, Internal Family Systems, and Polyvagal Theory, as well as our bespoke 7-Steps for Open Conversations. You will also be invited to practice these principles in your day-to-day life and then share some of your experiences and ask questions when we come together in our community calls. 

This approach will help us create an intimate container and deep sense of community, helping us remember that we are not alone and that despite our differences, we share many of the same triggers and emotional experiences.

Some of us are deeply aware of our coping mechanisms, how we respond when we are triggered, and what we should do instead. Yet, this intellectual understanding is not always enough to create change and break unproductive communication patterns or hurtful dynamics. We often need to go into our bodies to create long-lasting change, as many of our reactions are not driven by our minds but by our emotions and nervous systems.

All our work will be rooted in the body – meaning that we will engage in practices that help us listen to our body and stay present with our sensations and emotions (even the most uncomfortable).

Confidentiality will be a key agreement for everyone on this journey. Together, we will create a judgment-free, brave, and compassionate space.

Yes. All bodies, sexual orientations, gender identities, perspectives, etc., are welcome here.

Exploring our deepest triggers with a community can be a powerful experience and the only way to truly remember that we are not alone. Together, we will create a common space where we can recognize ourselves in one another and be reminded that beneath our differences (cultural, psychological, physical, sexual) we share much of the same human experience.

"Teaching" sessions will be recorded, and you'll have access to them within 24 hours. Community calls won't be recorded to protect confidentiality and the safety we aim to create in that space.

Make sure you have friends or expert support, such as a certified mental health professional, if needed, available to help you process your experience. If you have experienced severe trauma, please check with your mental health providers before embarking on this journey, be gentle with yourself, and take your time doing this program. Reach out if you have any questions or need help.

All purchases are final, and we don't offer refunds on this program at this time. Please make sure you have the time and willingness to practice these skills. However, if you finish the program and don't gain anything from it, please contact us. We are open to listening to all of your feedback. We appreciate your understanding of this.

We welcome all conversations about money and economic justice. Please send us an email to letting us know why you are interested in this program and what your financial situation is, and we'll be happy to discuss options with you.

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