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Our Mission

In a world divided between speakers and listeners, learn to be both

Have you noticed that the world and our conversations seem to be divided between "Speakers" and "Listeners"?

Speakers are confident and assertive in their communication but struggle to truly listen, often seeking the last word.

Listeners, on the other hand, excel at empathetic listening but may find it challenging to speak up for themselves and their beliefs.

It’s rare to meet people who can seamlessly blend both skills – speaking with confidence while listening openly, especially in complex conversations.

We all want to be seen and heard in our relationships. But how can we be seen and heard if we are we are not courageously sharing our voice? If we are not deeply listening to one another?

Between Us is an invitation for all of us to learn the art and skill of Confident and Compassionate Communication so we can experience authentic connection in our conversations – connection to ourselves and connection to others. 

Imagine having a discussion with your partner, navigating a conflict at work, or engaging in a political debate where people genuinely listen to one another. Picture conversations where we discuss facts alongside our emotions, where curiosity prevails over the impulse to jump to assumptions or judgments about each other.

Imagine how we would relate and connect with one another.

Imagine the kinds of conversations we would have.

Imagine how those conversations could change the world.  

Do you want to practice with us?

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Our Story

It all started as an experiment

Our Team

Meet Our Team

Verónica Márquez
Verónica Márquez

Miami, Founder

(She/Her) I lead communication courses and teach people how to better relate to differences and disagreements. I hold over a decade of experience as a qualitative researcher and I’m also trained in executive coaching, neuro-linguistics programming, Gabor Maté’s Compassionate Inquiry, Reiki, and meditation. 

I’m originally Venezuelan (3/4 European and 1/4 indigenous roots) and now live in Miami with my 2 kids and English husband.  

holaveromarquez linkedin
Diana Moros
Diana Moros

Miami, Partner

Because I am convinced that people want to share their stories without judgment and want to navigate emotions in a functional and loving way but still acknowledging them, I became a MMK facilitator (ontological coach); leading with humor, passion and kindness are the values that I am committed to while listening and mentoring people.

I am a Venezuelan, living in Miami for the last 16 years, I enjoy dancing, going to the beach, reading a good book and to host Sobremesa Reservada; I have an amazing husband and two incredible kids!

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Lucia Vera
Lucia Vera

London, Art & Design

Lucia is a designer, painter and ceramist from Venezuela, living in London. She's the creator of the Between Us brand, a world of colours and shapes that are always moving and forming – just as us and everything we feel.

Caroline K. Githinji
Caroline K. Githinji

Nairobi, Advisor

(She/Her) Committed to creating spaces for women to connect with themselves and with each other. Reclaiming a life of mindfulness, courage, joy, curiosity and self worth. Adding African voices to the wellbeing dialogue.

kagendogithinji linkedin
Alana Cookman
Alana Cookman

Lisbon, Research & Insights

I am a freelance researcher and consultant, currently pursuing a PhD on women’s relationships to their health and work. I partner with innovative organizations and projects working on similar interests, and those focused on integrating human centered work cultures.  At Between Us, I help distill insights and craft narratives that bring to life the learnings from our dinners.

Julie Beretta
Julie Beretta

Rome, Editor and Facilitator

(She/Her) I am a certified yoga teacher and a sustainability consultant. Passionate about human relations, I'm the founder of Bloom and work with individuals + groups who wish to reconnect with their essence, communities and environment. At Between Us, I host monthly dinners, I'm part of the editorial team and co-facilitate deep dive immersions.

julie_beretta linkedin
Eunique Deeann
Eunique Deeann

San Diego, Facilitator

(She/They) Queer Femme, Black, Indigenous, White European + Mixed Cultural Reverence + Reproductive Advocate and Full Spectrum Doula + Educator, Reiki Practitioner, Postpartum Researcher, Trauma, Shame + Grief Release Guide, Intimacy, Connection + Relationship Facilitator, Writer, Artist.

selfstudylab linkedin
Alessandra Patti
Alessandra Patti

Zurich, Facilitator

Assertive communication coach and mental health first aid trainer. I use an holistic approach to wellbeing and I encourage and practice self-care with my clients and in my life. I work with both companies and individuals in multiple languages.

Leslie Collins
Leslie Collins

Jersey City, Life Coach

(She/Her) I am a holistic self-love coach for women. My work is focused on worth, boundaries, limiting beliefs, inner child, shadow, & self-understanding. I love dogs, traveling, the power of bringing women together, and life's simple pleasures- good food, laughter, nature, & friends. I am a scorpio sun w/ taurus moon, cancer rising, & sagittarius north node :)

wholeheartedbeing linkedin
Dee de Lara
Dee de Lara

Toronto, Somatic Facilitation

(She/They) I am a facilitator, teacher, strategist and designer with the lived experience of existing in the “in-between.” I facilitate spaces for people to connect and disrupt with curiosity. I founded The Liminal Movement, spaces to wonder and wander in the "in-between," pilates, dance and somatics-based movement/mindfulness to spark curiosity, conversations to ignite action, and research/strategy to fuel untold narratives.

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Marie-Laure Moens de Hase
Marie-Laure Moens de Hase

Toulouse, Facilitator

Project manager in social innovation, inner wellbeing and Nonviolent Communication organizations. I am also a yoga teacher, watercolorist and all things creative, and an avid reader.

lakshmi.awakening linkedin
Rosalind Franklin
Rosalind Franklin

San Francisco, Advisor

Executive coach and Leadership Consulting Partner. I work with a diverse clientele to optimize life both professionally and personally, living with more intention, purpose, and grace.


Frequently Asked Questions

Between Us represents all that we are about – a space to explore, discover, and practice better ways of relating to all the different layers, expectations, and stories that exist between us.

Between us and our emotions, our dreams, our work 

Between us and the people in our lives

Between us and our world 


At the same time, it signals a sense of confidentiality and intimacy.  

The more we practice, the more we can open space to allow everything between us to exist, move, transform. 

Conversations about gender and identity continue to evolve, and our deepest intention is for Between Us to be a welcoming place for all humans. 

At Between Us, we all stand for creating a world that is more welcoming of differences. We are anchored in the unshakable truth that all humans are equal in our worth - and that no one is above or below because of the color of their skin, sexual orientation, gender, identity, financial situation, physical appearance, or abilities. 

As a global community – with different backgrounds, cultures, ages, and life experiences – we recognize that conversations around pronouns can be triggering or confusing, even for people who firmly stand with our values mentioned above. We also realize that these conversations are more or less prevalent depending on where we are in the world and the communities we hang out with. 

You may see that some of us have our pronoun in our bio. And some of us don’t. We invite you to notice if you experience any judgment one way or the other. And if so, what assumptions are you making? You are welcome to send us your thoughts and questions.  

Open communication it’s the ongoing practice of opening up when the instinct it’s too close down. It’s in equal ways an exercise of the mind as it is of the body! 

Opening our minds - training our minds to stay curious and test our assumptions instead of believing they are right.

Opening our bodies - allowing our strong emotions to move freely in our bodies without suppressing or outbursting. When we suppress our emotions we avoid, ghost, or distance ourselves from others. When we outburst, we blame, judge, or insult others. When our bodies are open and relaxed, we can listen and speak with more intention.

For us, open communication is spirituality in practice.

Since 2018, we’ve facilitated dinners in 27 countries, and 38 cities. Some have been part of the project for years, others only for a couple of dinners. 

Latin America 

Caracas, Venezuela  

Lima, Peru

Bogota, Colombia

San Paolo, Brazil 

San Juan, Puerto Rico 

Mexico City, Mexico 

San Pedro, Belize

Buenos Aires, Argentina

USA & Canada 


New York



San Francisco


Norman, Oklahoma  


New Jersey




Madrid, Spain 

Berlin, Germany

Rome, Italy

Zurich, Switzerland  

Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Edinburg, Scotland

Lisbon, Portugal

London, England 

Stockholm, Sweden

Paris, Toulouse, and Annecy, France


Nairobi, Kenya

Middle East

Tel Aviv, Israel 

Dubai, UAE


Mumbai, India

Tokyo, Japan

Singapore, Singapore 


Perth, Australia

This project started from and for women. And over the last 4 years, we have built a community that primarily consists of women and non-binary folks.

That said, all bodies are welcome to participate in our programs. If you are interested in exploring more open and genuine ways of communicating, you are welcome here! If you have any questions, please reach out.

There are 3 ways to get involved:

1) Apply to become a dinner host

2) If you are a coach or facilitator with experience in non-violent communication, compassionate inquiry, assertive communication, courageous conversations or safe conversations, neuro-linguistic programing, or somatic experiencing, let’s talk! We are always open for interesting collaborations.

3) Join one of our communication programs, come to dinner, or attend a free class. You are welcome here.

Thank you to our community past & present...

Sybil Ottenstein

Founding Member, NYC

Silvi Demirasi

Washington D.C., Host

Roxanne Bachiri

Edinburgh, Host

Shoshana Friedman

Tel Aviv, Host

Alexandra Jarvis

Founding Member, NYC

Claudia Espinel

Chicago, Host

Chloe Davison

London, Host

Neeti Savla

Mumbai, Host

Vanina Gruart

Buenos Aires, Host

Lisa Cox

Norman, Host

Rachel Adelman

London, Host

Anupama Easwaran

Mumbai, Host

Mariasu Nicolini

Buenos Aires, Host

Mira Katz

Los Angeles, Host

Sowmya Swaminathan

Chennai, Host

Francesca Varda

Lima, Host

Ariela Wegner

Los Angeles, Host

Giovanna Brillembourg

Madrid, Host

Vania Lourenco

San Paolo, Host

Ceci Sibony

Los Angeles, Host

Virgina Vigliar

Barcelona, Editor

Yolanda Lee

Singapore Host

Esther Mateo

Caracas, Host

Danya Rose-Merkle

Portland, Host

Rena Tang

Tokyo, Host

Antonella Viso

Caracas, Host

Amy Subach

Portland, Host

Alexandra Almaral

Amsterdam, Host

Naoko Okada

Tokyo, Host

Maria Sylvia Sahmkow

Bogata, Host

Rebecca Roebber

Seattle, Host

Chelsea Hayashi

Tokyo, Host

Alexandra Suarez

Puerto Rico, Host

Onna Jaegar

Seattle Host

Angelique Hinz

Berlin, Host

Laura Wuetschner

Perth, Host

Diana Moya

Mexico City, Host

Laureen HD

Berlin, Host

Elle Pound

Perth, Host

Veronica Perez

Belize, Host

Sage le

Vietnam, Host

Meaghan Kelly

Montreal, Host

Leah Caseley

Dubai, Host

Uditi Shah

Stockholm, Host

Akvile Marciukaityte

Stockholm, Host

Yuri Chu Su

Toronto, Business Manager

Amanda Tatum

Seattle, Host

Alma Hernandez

Belize, Host

From Women
To All

While this project started from and for women, we now invite all bodies to participate. Anyone who wants to get involved is invited here!

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We are building a movement to make Open and Active Listening, Rooted Vulnerability, and Body Presence a standard practice in our communication. Our world is disconnected and divided, and we need better relational skills that can help us navigate differences with more ease.

If you want to support this vision in any way, hosting dinners, collaborating on workshops or amplifying our message, please get in touch hello@everythingbetweenus.com

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