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Learn and practice alongside a global community how to master the themes and emotions that influence how we show up in the world.

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Experience the confidence from really knowing yourself

Belonging, anger, ambition, self-love... Are some of the important topics and core emotions that shape our lives. Yet, they can be hard to talk about - let alone explore with others. Leaving us wondering if we are the only ones feeling a certain way. 

In this program, you’ll learn from a global community how we all navigate the ups and downs of these emotions. You’ll also learn practical tools to help you create a healthy and confident relationship with them.

These are the same topics from our dinners, but we'll explore them a lot more deeply in this program. Think of the dinners as the appetizer!

Discover how to fully embrace your Vulnerability, Fear, Sexuality, Power, and more...


Each month you’ll be invited to...

Reflect on your stories

Identify the cultural, societal and familial narratives that exist around each theme and how they’ve shaped your life.

Listen and Share

Connect with a global community to listen and share your stories on this topic. This is how we remember that we are not alone.

Learn and Practice

Learn relational skills and communication practices to shift avoidant or reactive behaviors around each theme into more intentionality.

Connect with your body

Learn body-based practices that can help you hold strong emotions without suppressing or bursting.

Deepen your self/global awareness

Discover the beliefs that shape your relationship with each theme - and learn the common narratives that exist globally around it.

Be open and playful

These explorations can be intense, so we’ll bring joy and lightness into the journey!

Program Details

What’s inside the program?

Listen & Share

A virtual gathering, guided by our trained facilitators, where we share and listen to our stories on this topic. They are held on the first Thursday of the month, 12-1:30pm EST and 6-7:30pm CET.

Learn & Practice

A virtual gathering where you’ll learn key relational skills that can help you experience and express those emotions with more openness. This is also an opportunity to ask questions and receive live coaching. They happen the third Thursday of each month 12-1:30pm EST and 6-7:30pm CET.

Weekly practices and exercises

Guided practices and somatic(body) exercises to help you deepen your exploration at your own rhythm and at all levels: mind, body, and spirit.

Two Global Facilitators

Each month, Verónica, our founder, will be joined by a different global facilitator who has a particular expertise or relationship with that topic. Bringing you a deeper sense of vibrancy and global connection each month.

Program Schedule

The year at a glance

Vulnerability is required to take courageous action and to build deep connections. Yet, finding “the sweet spot” of vulnerability is hard for many of us – we either don’t open enough and feel separated or share too much and feel embarrassed.

We’ll explore:

  • What does “vulnerability” mean to you? What prevents you from being vulnerable?

  • What helps you open up and connect in more honest and genuine ways? 

  • What courageous and vulnerable actions would you like to take in your life right now? 

Facilitated by Veronica Marquez (Miami) and Rosalind Franklin (San Francisco)

We've all been hurt - by our families, friends, colleagues. Oftentimes, the biggest perpetrator is ourselves - our thoughts and actions that cause us harm. Forgiveness is a gateway to living with more peace, but how can we truly forgive ourselves, others, our circumstances? 

We’ll explore:

  • What has prevented you from forgiving yourself and others? How has that impacted your relationships? 

  • Is forgiving a "good" thing or the "right" thing to do?

  • What do you want to forgive right now? How could that change your life?

Facilitated by Veronica Marquez (Miami) and Julie Beretta (Rome)

It's taboo, messy, and complicated, yet is unavoidable as it touches all of our relationships. Money is oftentimes rife with emotion: fear, guilt, resentment, excitement. And for many of us, it’s inextricably linked with our self-worth, how much we make = how valuable we are. 

We’ll explore:

  • What mindsets, stories, and beliefs have you inherited? How are they impacting your life today?

  • What emotions come up when you think about money (e.g., getting paid, asking for a raise, checking, donating...) 

  • What do you want to change about your relationship to money moving forward? 

Facilitated by Veronica Marquez (Miami) and Alessandra Patti (Zurich)

Sometimes ambitious people get a bad rep (especially women). They can be seen as too strong, too greedy, or too aggressive. Yet, we all have dreams and desires of wanting to achieve our vision (maybe even very big things).

We’ll explore:

  • The moments when you felt most ambitious. What was empowering/depleting? 

  • The moments when you held back from pursuing your dreams - what held you back?

  • Your current dreams and goals and how do you want to approach obstacles moving forward  

Facilitated by Veronica Marquez (Miami) and Yolanda Lee (Singapore)

When we feel trust - whether for ourselves, for a loved one, for a community - there's a sense of safety and security that allows us to open and truly be ourselves. Trust is so fundamental to relating, and yet, can feel so hard to establish - and so easily broken. 

We’ll explore:

  • What has shaped your relationship with trust? From your upbringing up until now. 

  • Think about the times in your life trust has been broken - either by yourself, others, or an institution. What was the impact of that in your life? 

  • How do you repair and recover trust once it has been broken? 

Facilitated by Veronica Marquez (Miami) and Becca Roebber (Seattle)

We all know the feeling. Whether political or personal, something happens that sparks a flame inside of you. Some of us are seasoned in repressing our anger. Some of us are fueled by anger.  Whatever it may be, our anger is real and valid, let’s explore ways to have a productive relationship with it. 

We’ll explore:

  • What messages about anger did you receive growing up? 

  • What happens in your body when you feel angry? Do you suppress, do you explode, maybe a bit of both?

  • What would it look like to express anger in a "productive" way? 

Facilitated by Veronica Marquez (Miami) and Leslie Collins (New Jersey and other worlds)

Sex and sexuality is one of the least talked about but most fundamental aspects of the human experience. It's taboo, it's uncomfortable, it's powerful, it's important. When left unexamined, we lose the opportunity to heal, grow, and cultivate deeper pleasure and intimacy in our lives.

We’ll explore:

  • What notions/taboos (if any) have you grown up with around sexuality, and how have they evolved?

  • What fills you up, and what depletes you?

  • How in-tune are you with what you really want, and how comfortable are you when asking for it?

Facilitated by Veronica Marquez (Miami) and Angelique Hinz (Berlin)

Governing all moments in life – from the office, to the bedroom, to our friendships - our relationship with power often emerges from its imbalance. Sometimes we feel strong, influential, and "better" than others. And on the flipside, there are times when we can feel inferior, worthless or unsafe. 

We’ll explore:

  • What comes up for you when you think about “power”? 

  • What do you notice when you reflect on the empower dynamics in your relationships?

  • What does true, authentic power mean to you, and how do you go about living in that place?

Facilitated by Veronica Marquez (Miami) and Uditi Shah (Stockholm)

At the core of our darkest, most painful emotions lives fear. Fear is visceral and can be debilitating and even paralyzing. Some of our fears are grounded in real danger while others are reflection of our own insecurities. 

We’ll explore:

  • What are your top fears, where do they come from, and how do you cope with them?

  • What happens in your life when you feel fearful? How is the experience in your body? 

  • What would life look like if you didn't have these fears? Or if you relate to them with more compassion?

Facilitated by Veronica Marquez (Miami) and Leslie Collins (New Jersey and other worlds)

Sadness, like every other emotion, lives on a spectrum going from nostalgia to intense grief. For some of us sadness comes and goes, for others is our underlying state. Being with “pain and grief” - ours and other people’s - can be a challenging experience, especially if we are wired to “fix” things.  

We’ll explore:

  • When was the first time in your life that you felt deep sadness? How did you relate to your pain back then?

  • How do you navigate your most painful moments? What has helped you get back on your feet?

  • How do you want you relationship with pain, loss, or grief to be moving forward?

Facilitated by Veronica Marquez (Miami) and Caroline Githinji (Nairobi)

We can love our parents, our friends, and our partners - but what does it mean to love ourselves? Self-love feels easier said than done. How do we love ourselves when we feel lost and unsure, when we're critical of our flaws, or when we compare ourselves to others? 

We’ll explore:

  • What is love for you and how do you show it (or not) to others? 

  • How do you express (or not) love towards yourself? What prevents you from loving yourself fully? 

  • How do you envision your life if you loved every single part of yourself (especially the parts you don’t like)?

Facilitated by Veronica Marquez (Miami) and Alessandra Patti (Zurich)

Belonging is about feeling part of something and being accepted for all that we are - even the dark, scary parts we'd rather hide away. A core human need that for many of us it rarely feels fulfilled, leaving us feeling isolated and hurt. 

We’ll explore:

  • What does belonging mean to you? What experiences have shaped your relationship with “belonging”?

  • Reflect on the times when you felt a deep sense of belonging and the times when you felt disconnected and alone. 

  • If you felt like you completely belonged in this world, how may that change the way you relate with others and with life? 

Facilitated by Veronica Marquez (Miami) and Dee de Lara (Toronto)

Meet your guides

Guides & Facilitators

Verónica Márquez
Verónica Márquez

Miami, Coach

(She/Her) I lead communication courses and teach people how to better relate to differences and disagreements. I hold over a decade of experience as a qualitative researcher and I’m also trained in executive coaching, neuro-linguistics programming, Gabor Maté’s Compassionate Inquiry, Reiki, and meditation. 

I’m originally Venezuelan (3/4 European and 1/4 indigenous roots) and now live in Miami with my 2 kids and English husband.  

holaveromarquez linkedin
Rosalind Franklin
Rosalind Franklin

San Francisco, Coach

Executive coach and Leadership Consulting Partner. I work with a diverse clientele to optimize life both professionally and personally, living with more intention, purpose, and grace.

Julie Beretta
Julie Beretta

Rome, Coach

(She/Her) I am a certified yoga teacher and a sustainability consultant. Passionate about human relations, I'm the founder of Bloom and work with individuals + groups who wish to reconnect with their essence, communities and environment. At Between Us, I host monthly dinners, I'm part of the editorial team and co-facilitate deep dive immersions.

julie_beretta linkedin
Rebecca Roebber
Rebecca Roebber


(She/Her) Business strategist, coach, and facilitator with 10 years of experience working with solopreneurs and organizations to make impactful change.

MBA, Change Enthusiast, System Thinker, & Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Maker.

rebelroseconsulting linkedin
Alessandra Patti
Alessandra Patti

Zurich, Coach

Assertive communication coach and mental health first aid trainer. I use an holistic approach to wellbeing and I encourage and practice self-care with my clients and in my life. I work with both companies and individuals in multiple languages.

Yolanda Lee
Yolanda Lee


I'm the founder of Uncommon is Asia's first private leadership network for the next generation of female leaders.

badgalyoli linkedin
Leslie Collins
Leslie Collins

Jersey City, Coach

(She/Her) I am a holistic self-love coach for women. My work is focused on worth, boundaries, limiting beliefs, inner child, shadow, & self-understanding. I love dogs, traveling, the power of bringing women together, and life's simple pleasures- good food, laughter, nature, & friends. I am a scorpio sun w/ taurus moon, cancer rising, & sagittarius north node :)

wholeheartedbeing linkedin
Uditi Shah
Uditi Shah


(She/Her) Marketing operations, team development & communication.

Originally from Mumbai, India, I've been living in Stockholm since 2014. I’m passionate about ideas, stories and exploring how we might co-live with empathy. I also make art.

uditi_makes linkedin
Caroline K. Githinji
Caroline K. Githinji

Nairobi, Coach

(She/Her) Committed to creating spaces for women to connect with themselves and with each other. Reclaiming a life of mindfulness, courage, joy, curiosity and self worth. Adding African voices to the wellbeing dialogue.

kagendogithinji linkedin
Dee de Lara
Dee de Lara

Toronto, Coach

(She/They) I am a facilitator, teacher, strategist and designer with the lived experience of existing in the “in-between.” I facilitate spaces for people to connect and disrupt with curiosity. I founded The Liminal Movement, spaces to wonder and wander in the "in-between," pilates, dance and somatics-based movement/mindfulness to spark curiosity, conversations to ignite action, and research/strategy to fuel untold narratives.

theliminalmovement linkedin
Angelique Hinz
Angelique Hinz


(She/Her) Coach and facilitator in somatic empowerment and personal growth. I am supporting individuals and teams to re-discover self-efficacy to be a powerful force in creating a life that fulfills our needs and aspirations.

angel.ique_hinz linkedin

Frequently Asked Questions

No. We hope this can be a welcoming space for all bodies.

All sessions are held via zoom. "Share and Listen" sessions happen on the first Thursday of the month, 12:00-1:30pm EST / 6-7:30pm CET. In these calls we'll share and listen to our real stories on this topic and we'll begin to explore new ways of relating to each theme.

You can think of the Monthly Dinners as an "appetizer" while this program is a full course meal.

We often hear from our dinner attendees that they wished the conversation would continue, so we created these Deep Dives with that intention. Here, you'll spend a whole month (not just two hours) exploring, learning, and practicing more grounded ways of relating to each topic.

To start, we are only opening enrollment every three months.

The themes will most likely change every year. If you feel drawn to explore any of the themes we have set for 2022, we invite you to consider joining us now as we don’t know if we will offer it again next year.

Calls won't be recorded to protect confidentiality. You will still have access to all the materials to do the exploration on your own.

Absolutely. We believe that going through this journey as a community can be very powerful. But understandably, this can be intimidating for some people. That’s ok! You’ll still have access to all the materials and you can do this exploration on your own. You are always welcome to join the Monthly "Learn and Practice" session without having to share anything. 

If you are not comfortable sharing, we kindly ask you that you don’t attend the "Share and Listen" session as it is important that everyone shares and listens in that container.

Each person is unique and we can’t make any promises of what this experience may be like for you. What we can say, from our own personal experience, is that unearthing each of these themes can bring up a lot! 

Ultimately, we hope it will be liberating and empowering. Because when we know ourselves so intimately, we feel more at home, we are more comfortable in our own skins and more courageous to be our full selves.

Not at this moment. We may explore month-to-month options in the future. Thank you for understanding this as we navigate all the logistics involved in this program :)

Make sure you have friends or expert support, such as a certified mental health professional, if needed, available to help you process your experience. If you have experienced severe trauma, please check with your mental health providers before embarking on this journey, be gentle with yourself, and take your time doing this program. Reach out to us at hello@everythingbetweenus.com  if you have any questions or need help.

Conversations about gender and identity continue to evolve, and our deepest intention is for Between Us to be a welcoming place for all humans. 

At Between Us, we all stand for creating a world that is more welcoming of differences. We are anchored in the unshakable truth that all humans are equal in our worth - and that no one is above or below because of the color of their skin, sexual orientation, gender, identity, financial situation, physical appearance, or abilities. 

As a global community – with different backgrounds, cultures, ages, and life experiences – we recognize that conversations around pronouns can be triggering or confusing, even for people who firmly stand with our values mentioned above. We also realize that these conversations are more or less prevalent depending on where we are in the world and the communities we hang out with. 

You may see that some of us have our pronoun in our bio. And some of us don’t. We invite you to notice if you experience any judgment one way or the other. And if so, what assumptions are you making? You are welcome to send us your thoughts and questions.  

Not at this moment. We put a lot of love and care into everything we do so we have a strict policy around cancellations. We are open to listening to all of your feedback. We appreciate your understanding.

Yes. Please send us an email to hello@everythingbetweenus.com letting us know why you are interested in this program and we’ll send you the scholarship information.

If you are more financially resourced and would like to support others, thank you! Please reach out  to hello@everythingbetweenus.com. All your funds would be used towards our scholarship.

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