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Most of us were never taught the key life skill of clear and compassionate communication. Between Us offers global gatherings and online programs where you'll practice how to turn triggering topics and conversations into opportunities for growth and deeper connection.


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We believe that clear & open communication is a dance that invites us to explore how we Speak, Listen, and Feel in our bodies.

Open & active listening

A key life skill that most of us are not taught, and the gateway to presence and connection

Rooted vulnerability

The sweet spot of courageously sharing our truest thoughts and emotions with others while feeling grounded and secure at the same time.

Body presence

Our capacity to feel all of our feelings and stay present in our bodies – the foundation of our emotional resilience.

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May 2022


When we feel trust there's a sense of safety that allows us to open and be ourselves. It is fundamental to relating, and yet, can be hard to establish and so easily broken. How can we cultivate more trust in our lives?

Jun 2022


We all know the feeling. That flame inside of us. Some of us repress our anger. Some of us are driven by it. Either way, our anger is real and valid. Let's explore ways to have a productive relationship with it. 

Jul 2022


This one of the least talked about but most fundamental aspects of the human experience. When left unexamined, we lose the opportunity to heal, grow, and cultivate deeper pleasure and intimacy in our lives.

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