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Between Us is a global community supporting individuals, couples, and leaders on how to turn complex conversations into opportunities for growth and connection. We offer gatherings and online programs where you'll practice healthier and more genuine ways of relating.


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Join our monthly global dinners where we explore sensitive topics in a judgment-free space. Experience the power of sharing stories in community.

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Learn and practice a unique body-centric communication approach. Go from reacting to having conversations that lead to positive change.

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Discover how women around the world relate to our most triggering topics e.g., fear, grief, failure. Learn our insights from 500 dinners in 37 cities.

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We believe that exploring how we relate - especially when triggered - is our school for growing individually and in our relationships.

Open & Active Listening

The practice of being present and attentive so we can listen with curiosity. What helps us stay connected through our disagreements.

Rooted Vulnerability

Finding the sweet spot of courageously sharing our truest thoughts and emotions with others while feeling grounded and secure at the same time.

Body Presence

Expanding our capacity to feel and hold all our emotions without pushing them away or exploding. The foundation of our emotional resilience.

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Oct 2022


Grieving the lost of a loved one, of a marriage, of our identity can be one of the most painful and devastating experiences. How do we cope with our pain, how do we experience grief, how do we talk about death?

Nov 2022

(Self) Love

We love our children, friends and partners - but what does it mean to love ourselves? Self-love is easier said than done. How can we love ourselves in the moments when it's hardest eg. we've done something we regret?

Dec 2022


A core human need that for many of us it rarely feels fulfilled, leaving us feeling isolated and hurt. How can we feel part of something, how can we feel a sense of belonging even when we are different?

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